Fun and Hope is not just a name but a philosophy! By utilizing the omnipresent power of e-commerce, we believe  by marketing "FUN" products we can  offer "HOPE" by  donating a percentage of every sale to an assigned charity ( St Jude's Children's Hospital, Mary's Place, etc.) Additionally at checkout we give you the option to select a group of charities to donate too. We call it "marketplace" philanthropy. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit compels us to utilize or gift to benefit the kingdom. Fun and Hope exists to not only create value for our customers, but to be a shining light to those in need.

That is why when you get our products you are doing more than just buying a shirt, bracelet, etc.,  but you are literally buying hope for someone else. That is why our Motto is:  Hope ... Everywhere You Are!